Kraanium premiere brutal new video for ‘Forced Rectal Exhumation’ with Slam Worldwide!


Check out Kraanium‘s savage new video, ‘Forced Rectal Exhumation’ which is available exclusively at Slam Worldwide! This battering assault of extreme brutality is taken from the new Kraanium album, Slamchosis, available now through Comatose Music.

Featuring ten tracks of skull shattering, slamming, brutal death metal that chokes the life out of good taste and commits unspeakable acts with its corpse, Slamchosis sees Kraanium hitting new peaks of precision delivery at the same time as they plumb new depths of horror.

‘s latest and most tasteless attack on the senses has been warming the hearts of deviants in the press everywhere…

“… music that just beats you to death…the next level of sickness.” – MOSHVILLE TIMES

“… an impressive bowel bursting offering…” – CADAVER GARDEN

“… overwhelming heaviness and bewildering speed … put on your big-boy pants, you’re about to get slammed!” – WORSHIP METAL

So don’t forget to visit Slam Worldwide for your ‘Forced Rectal Exhumation‘!

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