News Posts

The One man thrashing black death project Haiduk is streaming a new track from the upcoming album “Exomancer”!

Saber Tiger is coming for your throat and won’t be holding back any punches or bites while doing so!

Discover the noise rock of Fvzz Popvli’s upcoming new album “Magna Fvzz” in full already here!

Shining made a complete turn musically and deliver some catchy rocking stuff!

October is cranking up the heat on the amount of releases!

Sharptooth seems ready to take on anyone in the world with their vicious hardcore!

Album Reviews

Skraeckoedlan’s reissue of Äppelträdet, for those of you who like heavy riffs that will take you on an intergalactic expedition, and grooves so deep they could rearrange tectonic plates.

High on Fire’s new album “Electric Messiah” hits like an avalanche of battery acid.


Short interview with Jukka and Markus from Omnium Gatherum about their music and tour!