Sharptooth isn’t holding back with new song “Fuck You Donald Trump”


One of hardcore/metal’s most anticipated bands, Sharptooth, isn’t mincing words on the newly released track “Fuck You Donald Trump.” The song is a hardcore rebellion against the current administration and a clear message to the President that things are not okay. Sharptooth’s debut album, Clever Girl, will be released on October 27th via Pure Noise Records.

Speaking with Decibel, Sharptooth’s defiant frontwoman Lauren Kashan talks about the new song:

“It’s definitely more of a general anthem against the administration, but I know that many of us as individuals have observed specific things that Trump has done that affected us each differently. For me personally, the thing that impacted me the most was all of the sexual assault allegations against him and the flippancy with which his comments against women have been treated by his administration and the people who voted for him.”

Sharptooth set the hardcore scene on fire earlier this month, dropping one of the most vicious hardcore songs of of the year, the album’s title track, “Clever Girl.”

Known for explosive live shows, battering ram energy, and provocative politically conscious messages, the five-piece—Lauren Kashan [vocals], Keith Higgins [guitar], Lance Donati [guitar], Phil Rasinski [bass], and Connor Mac [drums]—consistently leave a lasting impression on stage and on their full-length debut, Clever Girl.

1. Rude Awakening
2. Clever Girl
3. Give em’ Hell Kid
4. Fuck You Donald Trump
5. Can I Get a Hell No
6. Jesus Loves You
7. No Sanctuary
8. Left 4 Dead
9. Rise
10. Blood Upon Your Hands
11. Pushing Forward