Devil’s Bargain release lyric video for new single ‘No Return’


Belgian heavy metal unit Devil’s Bargain are preparing to unleash their second record ‘Visions‘ upon the world, which will be released independently May 9th. In the meantime they’ve put out a lyric video for the track ‘No Return‘ as a warm up.

Devil’s Bargain comment on the track:

Visions‘ is a heavy metal album that could not have come at a more accurate moment. It was written as a compilation of visions about how we would feel and behave right before the end of the world. ‘No Return‘ is the second single.

The band are planning to release ‘Visions‘ during the album’s official release show at the Rockfesthall venue in Hamme, Belgium, on May 9th. As a bonus there’s no entrance fee. Yet the question remains if the show will take place or not, since it doesn’t look like the pandemic lock down will be lifted any time soon.

Check out the album artwork for Devil’s Bargain‘s ‘Visions‘ below:

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