An Evening With Knives seeks your help!


Did you like An Evening With Knives‘ first self-titled EP? If you haven’t checked it out, be sure to read our review of it (in Dutch).

If you want more where that came from, you can now help out the band. In order to hear the new music you must first help the band with the costs of the recording process. Besides all the cool extras you can receive for funding, there is also the ticket to a very special show, as explained by the band:

Everyone donating receives a ticket for ‘Off the Record’. A very special show on a secret location in Eindhoven for the people crowd funding this project only. See us play new, never heard material and getting to know some of the stories behind the creation of the songs accompanied by some cold beers on Saturday May 21.

Check out more info and all the support options on their website:

PS: respect for the Steak Number Eight T-shirt, guys! These Dutchies clearly have a good taste in Belgian music!