Graspop Metal Meeting 2022 – Day 3 (18/06/2022)

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On the 3rd day of Graspop 2022 we got to enjoy a lot of classic rock bands. Bands that are often forced to play their most famous songs last or else the crowd will get angry. Bands like that. You know them, even if you think you don’t. On this day it was really hot, up to about 31 degrees. Scorching, but free water cooled us luckily somewhat.


Europe is one of those bands who have one very very famous song that they just have to play as their last song. That is ‘The Final Count Down’. Other than that, I’m not that much familiar with the band. The front row was definitely entertained during their show, the whole festival site was entertained during their last song. A classic one to see live.


Walk the Earth
Rock the Night
Scream of Anger
Last Look at Eden
Sign of the Times
Hole in My Pocket
Open Your Heart
Ready or Not
The Final Countdown


Damn, talk about raw power. Everybody knows when Eisbrecher starts playing. They captured the whole field with overpowering drums, industrial guitars and German vocals. The band probably often gets compared with Rammstein. I can see that, if somebody doesn’t know the band, I would explain it like that. But for somebody who does know the band, they have their own iconic sound that blasts away anybody in the neighborhood. Especially when you’re there, their sound is amazing.


Fehler machen Leute
Nein Danke
Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn
This Is Deutsch
Was ist hier los?
Miststück (Megaherz cover)

Five Finger Death Punch

What a show that was from Five Finger Death Punch! Being at the front row, I could see the amazing interaction between the band and the crowd. Lead singer Ivan Moody would throw stuff to the people who were crowdsurfing and landed in front of the stage. And there were a lot of crowd surfers. He gave away his hat, chains that were hanging form his pants, guitar picks and what not. The band seemed very appreciative of the crowd, as well as the security who made sure everybody landed safe with their feet on the ground. They played some of their classics like ‘Wash it All Away’, ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and ‘Under and Over It’. Even songs from their first album with ‘The Bleeding’ and songs from their last album like ‘Inside Out’. An amazing setlist and an amazing performance.


Inside Out
Wash It All Away
Jekyll and Hyde
Sham Pain
Bad Company
Far From Home
Burn MF
Coming Down
Lift Me Up
Under and Over It
The Bleeding

The 3rd day, Judas Priest and Korn were headlining the festival. Judas Priest is always very recognizable with lead singer Rob Halford and their logo hanging at stage ceiling shining bright. I’m not too familiar with Korn, so I can’t really say much about it.

By the time the sun went down, the temperature was nice to walk around in. Heading for my tent for a good night of sleep, because tomorrow is the day that suits me best.

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