Graspop Metal Meeting 2022 – Day 1 (16/06/2022)

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While I was sick at home, Graspop Metal Meeting had already started. I couldn’t just ignore the fact that Graspop was happening on the other side of the country. Luckily, Graspop does live streams for a lot of bands, and I was able to view some from the comfort of my couch. These are my experiences of the first festival day, “from home edition”:

While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps is a band I have been wanting to see live for a long time. Although it was on a screen and not in real life, the show seemed energetic, wild and true. The sound however, coming from the live stream, was not adjusted that well. There’s another chance to see them live in Belgium on September 12, where they’ll be opening for Parkway Drive in Vorst Nationaal in Brussels. Get tickets to their show here


Sleeps Society
You Are All You Need
The Guilty Party
You Are We
Eye to Eye
Fakers Plague
Silence Speaks

Battle Beast

Battle Beast’s sound however, damn, that was on a whole other level. Lead singer Noora Louhimo sings so clean, it almost sounds the same live as on CD. The band is energetic and gets the crowd jumping easily. They played some of their older stuff like ‘Straight to the Heart’ and ‘King For a Day’, but most of the stuff they played was newer. Which makes sense since their latest album Circus of Doom released on April 29, 2022 (read our review here). I personally loved hearing ‘Eden’ live, from their previous album No More Hollywood Endings. It’s such a pure song and Noora got us singing it right back to her.


Circus of Doom
Straight to the Heart
Eye of the Storm
No More Hollywood Endings
Where Angels Fear to Fly
Wings of Light
Master of Illusion
King for a Day


Powerwolf always has a lot of power to spread across the crowd. Especially with lead singer Attila Dorn, who is an opera singer. Their shows are always full of humor and you are definitely in for a good time. But, their shows can be a bit repetitive if you’ve seen them a couple of times. By then you know what song is going to play just by the first word Attila says. Nevertheless, even though you know it by heart, it’s always good time hanging out with the band.


Fire and Forgive
Army of the Night
Incense & Iron
Amen & Attack
Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend
Armata Strigoi
Blood for Blood (Faoladh)
Werewolves of Armenia
Sanctified With Dynamite
We Drink Your Blood

Later that night, headliners Iron Maiden en Volbeat would play. I haven’t seen the shows, but I can tell you both of those bands will never disappoint. Iron Maiden has their brand new album Senjutsu, and with lead singer Bruce Dickinson having long hair again, he looks just like a samurai on stage. Volbeat has the slogan: ‘Rock ’n Roll even your mother likes’. They do always have very enjoyable shows and a lot of interaction with the crowd.

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