Finnish doom metal band Infirmum released new single and music video for “The Great Unknown”


Finnish Doom Metal band Infirmum returns with a revamped line-up and an upcoming EP “The Great Unknown” . The band released the second single which bears the name of the EP, “The Great Unknown” , and an accompanying music video created by Vesa Ranta

Infirmum saw the light of day in early 2019, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Emboldened by a creative spark musician Timo Solonen decided to take a risk and embark on a musical resurrection through somber atmospheres creating the band’s first record “Walls of Sorrow”. Now Infirmum is going through yet another transformation, from a solo effort to a sextet, enabling Solonen to take the band’s gloomy approach even further. 

Finding like-minded musicians to join Infirmum was a tricky task but perfection is never easily attained. The current line-up features 2 new vocalists, Anna Rose and Taka Eliel (Sanctuary of Hate), creating a “Beauty and the Beast” dynamic. Furthermore Erna Siikavirta (ex-Lordi, ex-Children of Bodom (session), ex-Sinergy (session), ex-Arthemesia and ex-Deathlike Silence) joined as the keyboard player, Sammy Anttonen (Sacrament) is the band’s second guitarist and Joonas Siikavirta (Begrim) plays bass.

The upcoming EP, “The Great Unknown”,  features, therefore, a more evolved sound and takes the band onto a more Melodic Doom Metal territory. Solonen remains the main driving force behind the music, but with each new song, the new members’ input is becoming more and more clear. The first single off the upcoming EP, “Mask”, has been positively received motivating the band’s creative process.Continuing on this path,the new single “The Great Unknown” features some wonderfully talented session musicians: Juuso Raatikainen (Drums) (Swallow The Sun, Hedonihil, Endless Forms Most Gruesome), Johannes Tolonen (Bass) (Manzana),  Paula Gherasim (Violin) (Raven’s Heart, ex-AN THEOS) Teemu Mastovaara (Cello) (Mercury Circle, Swallow The Sun)

About the concept behind the song Anna Rose (vocals) says: 

“If “Mask was the realization that something, at some point, went very wrong, then “The Great Unknown represents the search for inner strength and the struggle to get out of the toxic dynamic controlling one’s life. It is about finding the strength to keep pushing on, despite the fear of not knowing what awaits on the other side.”

Discussing the music video Anna adds: 

“The song depicts the process of detaching and moving on and healing from a long-lasting toxic situation as a journey of sorts, so the video is meant to play into the same narrative: a journey through darkness and facing one’s fears, in order to find the way out. Despite its dark sound, the song actually has a rather positive conclusion and I believe that the video manages to highlight that really well.”

Infirmum is:
Timo Solonen – Guitars
Anna Rose – Female Vocals 
Taka Eliel – Male vocals 
Sammy Anttonen – Guitars 
Erna Siikavirta – Keyboards 
Joonas Siikavirta – Bass

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