Finnish melodeath up-and-comers I Am Your God announced new album!

With the release of the new song “Another Day To Die”, I Am Your God is announcing their new album “SINister” which is hitting the shelves in May 2023!

“In the current world situation, there is a specific need for art to survive with, and this song with its beautiful melodies and brutal breakdowns is the best cure to fill that void. “Another Day To Die” reflects a process of dealing with prevalent evil on Earth. Along the majestetic chorus you must to hear, the song also introduces a certain mindset of always choosing to defend your loved ones and always choosing to survive – at least for one more day.” 

I Am Your God proudly announces:

“Our second album “SINister” is crawling into daylight on May the 5th via the brilliant Out Of Line Music. This is the culmination of our journey from the past two years with massive development as songwriters and musicians. At the same time this album process has been the biggest pain in the ass and also the driving force in our lives. While listening to the record, you can taste lots of these kind of extremities, and feel our mighty struggling in life, which is also one of the main themes lyrically. We are super proud of “SINister” and we can’t wait for you all to give it a spin and live through the trip.”

I Am Your God are hailing from Finland’s northernmost province, Lapland, and combine melodies and heavy riffs in a way that is world-famous for Nordic Countries and transfer the melodic death metal of the 2000s into the present. It is the energy as well as the pure ability of this band that makes them stand out from the mass of newcomers and gives hope for a great future of the band. Stream “Another Day To Die” here:

Since 2018, the band has been constantly working on their music and their career, shaping their anger and emotions into first-class, catchy, yet heavy songs that radiate a lot of power. Names like Children Of Bodom and In Flames in their best times might come to mind, as there is such tremendous power in their music. I Am Your God are ready for the next level.

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