GALVANIZER set release date for new ME SACO UN OJO / EVERLASTING SPEW album


Me Saco Un Ojo Records in conspiracy with Everlasting Spew set July 26th as the international release date for Galvanizer‘s highly anticipated second album, Prying Sight of Imperception. Me Saco Un Ojo will handle the vinyl LP version while Everlasting Spew will handle the CD version.

Hailing from the death metal hotbed that is Finland, Galvanizer emerged in 2013. Their 2018 debut album, Sanguine Vigil, stormed the scene and earned the band a huge amount of respect in the underground with their violent brand of grinding death metal. Now its follow-up is to be unveiled to the world.

Titled Prying Sight of Imperception, this record does not approach with shyness or reserve; rather, it jumps into a riveting cascade of rotten guitars and pummeled drums that pulverize you as the maniacally snarled vocals spew forth. Its beginning should grab any death metal fan who takes the genre seriously with its primal artillery or pure carnage. Taking the core of thrashing instrumentals and barbaric grooves to the logical conclusion, a swamp of pure & filthy death metal ecstasy, there is no turning back once you hear Galvanizer. Once they cave your skull in with their sonic savagery, you will not need convincing to become a part of the odious mass of fans blasting their rotten hymns of devastating death.

Prying Sight of Imperception is a cut of ferocity that knows no remorse, hammering bestial barbarity to corpse-splitting effect. From the tormenting heaviness of the drums to the unending riff-fest and certainly not forgetting the malignant vocals, Galvanizer‘s latest offering is a storm of hellish intensity that gets in, rips you apart, and leaves without having time to offer so much as a single weak riff.

The cemetery gates have opened…venture in and join the zombified metal mania with Galvanizer‘s Prying Sight of Imperception!

Step into the cemetery with the brand-new track “The InexorableHERE at Me Saco Uno Ojo‘s Bandcamp. Preorder info for the CD version can be found HERE at Everlasting Spew‘s Bandcamp. Preorder info for Me Saco Un Ojo‘s vinyl version can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Galvanizer‘s Prying Sight of Imperception
1. The Sanguine Legacy
2. Servants of the Scourge
3. The Inexorable
4. Blaze From Within
5. Chthonic Profanation
6. Ground Above
7. Dia De Muertos
8. The Ever-Crescent
9. Grotesque Devotion
10. Of Flesh Unknown


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