Amorphis “Halo” (Logomo, Turku) – 21/07/2023

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Last Friday, Lost Society and Amorphis gave their fans a little preview of what to expect on the upcoming ‘Halo‘ European Tour, with their show at Logomo’s Terassikesä in Turku, Finland. This was my first time at Logomo, so I don’t know how crowed it usually gets, but it seemed pretty full to me, especially for not being sold out.

Logomo’s summer terrace is located right next to Turku’s main train station, which makes it very convenient to get to. To enter the terrace you have to walk through a small part of an art gallery, which is a bit odd, but also kinda cool. The physical well-being of the fans was very well taken care of, as there were several food and bar options to choose from.

So let dive right in.

Lost Society

Lost Society are one of those bands, that are just always fun to see. They just have so much energy, it’s contagious. Well, at least usually it is. Although the venue was already well crowded, there wasn’t much participation from the crowd. Maybe that was due to the surprisingly large amount of older people that didn’t really look like metalheads. I could be wrong here, but I do believe that there was at least some percentage of people there that didn’t really know Lost Society nor Amorphis that well and just were there because they had a season ticket. Not that that is necessary a bad thing, it’s a great way to get to know new bands and for the bands to showcase their music to new people, but it just doesn’t give quite the same atmosphere. Still, Lost Society‘s performance was over in a heartbeat, and although I would have wished for a bit more action off the stage, it was really fun.


If the Sky Came Down
(We Are the) Braindead
KILL (Those Who Oppose Me)
What Have I Done
Into Eternity
No Absolution


Now to Amorphis. I love this band, especially live. Tomi‘s voice just gets under your skin. They are a big part of the reason I listen to metal, and they play a big part in why I moved to Finland. Yet, this performance wasn’t the best. I still enjoyed it, but there were just some issues.

First off, the same problem as with Lost Society, that the crowd just wasn’t really attentive. Of course this isn’t quite in the band’s hands, but it really makes a show rise or fall if the audience isn’t feeling it. Next up were the lights. I kinda expected this issue, as this has been the case on almost all my Amorphis shows. For some reason they just seem to love the mixture of gloomy, doomy lights and huge amount of smoke, although it just hides them behind a bit of a grey curtain.

The biggest issue though was the sound. I’m surprised it actually lasted till the end of the show, as every minute or some it made some buzzing sounds as if it was about to give up. On some songs it was quite alright, but on others it would appear more often and make it hard to fully get into the mood of the song. Other than those things the set had a nice mixture between classics and new songs, the sound was mixed nicely and during ‘House of Sleep’ people even started to finally sing along.


Bad Blood
The Four Wise Ones
The Moon
Into Hiding
Black Winter Day
Silver Bride
Sky Is Mine
Wrong Direction
Amongst Stars
Seven Roads Come Together
On the Dark Waters
My Kantele
House of Sleep
The Bee

See the full gallery here.

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