Normandie “Dark & Beautiful Secrets Finland 2022” (On The Rocks, Helsinki) – 10/12/2022

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It’s been since 2019 that we last caught the Swedish rock/metal sensation that is Normandie on a stage near us. Knowing that they blow the roof off any venue they go to, we knew that this was a show we didn’t want to miss out on. Add to that the fact that this tour was to celebrate the killer ‘Dark & Beautiful Secrets’ album they released back in 2021, and we got really excited. Support came from Finland’s metalcore up-and-comers Balance Breach and gloomy alt-rockers Delta Enigma.

Delta Enigma

Delta Enigma has been around for quite a while already, but have recently started a new chapter in their existence, seemingly been rejuvenated and ready to take over the world. The band brings a gloomy mix of alternative rock and metal that feels like at least some inspiration has come from acts like HIM and most definitely breathes the signature Finnish melancholy, but in a modern soundscape. With the enigmatic Vin Valentino on vocals, they easily engaged the people that showed up early. Add to that the closeness of the very entertaining drummer Eddie X and the energetic presence of their new bassist Damon Wolf, and we were in for a good warming up to get into the groove for the rest of the night. Looking forward what this new chapter will bring in the nearby future for these guys!

Balance Breach

Balance Breach has been put forward as rising stars in the Finnish metalcore scene, and we’re always happy to catch them on a stage again. Their highly melodic, catchy and emotive brand of metalcore kills it every time and the energy is always high when they go live. And tonight was no different. Even though they were somewhat limited to let their energy properly go due to the reduced size of the stage with Normandie‘s gear already there, they still tried to bring the heat without bumping too much into each other. The crowd was definitely all there for it, and you could feel the excitement in the air. Another solid show of a band that doesn’t seem to know the word “underwhelming”. I do hope that the next time I see Balance Breach live, they’ll have the space to jump and dance around as they usually do since that takes their shows to a whole other level. And that I can actually see them since someone seemed to really like the dimmer on some of the stage lights…


And then there was Normandie… You could see the popularity of these guys the whole night through, with plenty of Normandie shirts and hoodies walking around and people showing up early on in the evening to try and take up a good spot to enjoy what they were bringing live. By the time the guys came on stage, the room was almost filled to the brim and the anticipation was through the roof. Since this show and tour was to celebrate their 2021 release ‘Dark & Beautiful Secrets‘, it came as no surprise that they kicked off with opening track ‘Babylon’. And actually a good chunk of the setlist consisted out of songs from that album with only 1 track missing. Their older work was of course also represented by 3 track from both the albums ‘White Flag‘ and ‘Inguz’. People were singing along, dancing and there were even a couple of stagedivers and crowdsurfers. The room felt absolutely exalted and was fully controlled by the charismatic vocalist Philip Strand, who continuously joked around and made us feel like we were all close friends. I honestly can’t get enough of these guys, especially live, and they deserve more attention and definitely a bigger stage than On The Rocks. Though on the other hand, this is a band that you want that intimate feeling with, a bit like being at home with family. Looking forward what is to come next from these guys.


  • Babylon
  • Jericho
  • Ecstasy
  • Awakening
  • Mission Control
  • Holy Water
  • Dead
  • Fight
  • Renegade
  • Bury Me Alive
  • Atmosphere
  • Collide


  • Thrown in the Gutter
  • Hostage
  • White Flag
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