INSANITY ALERT released music video for “Shredator”

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Austria’s crossover thrash formation INSANITY ALERT are now releasing a brand new music video for the single “Shredator“. The single was previously released as a celebration of the Shredator Skateboards line, which the band developed together with Koloss Skateboard. The Shredator Skateboards are now back in stock and available HERE.


“The world is a shitty place right now, full of misery, diseases, fascists, hipsters and longboarders. But there is hope. The savior of justice and reason is about to come. So bow down to the promising super hero of our time. Beware of THE SHREDATOR – coming to you in a brand new music video and new skateboards!

The Dave of Death – Guitar
Don Melanzani – Drums
Heavy Kevy – Vocals
Marcy Brownnose – Bass


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