News Posts

Austrian black metal beasts Ellende released their last single ‘Freier Fall’ in anticipation of their upcoming new album ‘Ellenbogengesellschaft’, out next week via AOP Records!

Austrian crossover thrash outfit Insanity Alert released a music video for their single ‘Shredator’ in celebration of their skateboards!

Our beloved depressed people are back! Harakiri For The Sky officially announces their upcoming new album!

After their earlier acclaimed release, Karg is back next year with yet another album!

Anomalie shows their view on religions that are going around this world in a new video…

Austrian hard rockers Psycho Village are coming to the UK and they’re bearing gifts: a brand new music video!

The thrashers of Insanity Alert are serving you a fat “moshburger” at a venue near you soon as support for Hatebreed, Madball & Terror at the Persistence Tour 2018!

Album Reviews

Lichtblick’s sophomore “Abkehr” conveys a very eerie style of depressive black metal that will enclose the listener with suicidal thoughts.

Some very fine music is coming from Austria now! Irdorath with their third album “Denial of Creation” pushes everything away.

The Austrian post-black metal machine has returned to set your world on fire!

Moshburger is an album just as crazy and funny as the title would suggest, Insanity Alert will leave you with a sore neck.

who is ready to dresch?!

Get ready for a brutal avalanche of humppa!

Gig Reports

Festival Reports

We went to the second day of the first ever edition of the Metal Crane festival in Helsinki, to be smashed by melodic death metal and wallowing in depression through post-black metal!