6 Reasons why you should go to Sauna Open Air

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An actual Sauna you unfortunately won't find at Sauna Open Air (By the way, why not? That would be really cool), but there's still plenty of other good reasons to check out this cool three day long festival in southern Finland. Here are some of them:

1. Heavy Headliner Package

Sauna Open Air comes with a super heavyweight selection of headliners. First of there’s Bullet for my Valentine, who released their 7th studio album last year. Even after their many years of existence they stay true to themself, but they also added a heavier note to their music in their latest work. It’s certainly worth checking out.

The Main Headliner of the Festival Five Finger Death Punch will definitely hit hard. The 5 guys from Las Vegas play a very recognisable mix of heavy metal with a bit of groove and thrash metal.

And Saturday will end with a blast. In Flames who are full of energy on stage that they might just tear down the festival with them. But they are also capable of great slower songs like ‘Stay With Me‘. Overall, they just offer a pretty freaking nice mix.

2. The Party Bands

If the headliners haven’t convince you enough yet, these bands might. They simply guarantee a good time. Who could not have fun when the Pirates of Alestorm throwing a giant party on stage with their pumped up rubber ducks?
Not your scene? No problem, then maybe you like to dance a Humppa to Eläkeläiset, because I can promise you it will be difficult to sit still during their performance. Even if your not the biggest fan of their music, they just have something contagious.
Another band with a very contagious happy vibe is Reckless Love. With the material from their newest album ‘Turborider‘ they will transport you back to an 80ties Arcade and while Olli Herman can sometimes be a bit much, he certainly delivers with enough energy to power up a whole city and his always happy attitude.

3. Finnish legends for everyones taste

Of course there’s also a great selection of some of Finland’s best national acts. Thursday hits especially hard in this category, with folk metal from Korpiklaani, rock from Michael Monroe, Stam1na‘s energizing thrash metal, Turmion Kätilöt‘s industrial metal and then Beast in Black will still go full berserk on us. I mean how much more Finnish legends can you pack in just one day?
Still not enough you say? Well OK, there’s more. On Friday Battle Beast will play their why ‘straight to your heart’ (Yes, pun intended).
And if you are still hungry for more, there’s still Mokoma with more thrash metal and Klamydia with some Punk Rock for you on Saturday.

4. The iconic location

A very different kinda treat that comes with the new location, at least for ice hockey and/or architecture fans is Hakametsän jäähalli. What could be better then enjoying good music while at the same time admiring the iconic first and oldest ice hockey hall for the country, that was build for the Ice Hockey World Championships 1965?

5. The city

If that’s still not enough for you Tampere itself has a lot to offer too. Maybe check out the worlds only Moomin Museum before the festival day starts. Or end the day in style in one of Tampere’s many rock bars. Or just relax at the beautiful Koskipuisto right in the heart of Tampere.
And what ever you might still need for a good festival stay, chances are good you’ll find it at the Tampere Market Hall. With it’s 30 vendors it has become the biggest indoor market hall in the Nordics. And even if you don’t need anything, it’s still worth a visit, just for the atmosphere.

Or very fitting, try on of the many public Saunas in Tampere. After all Tampere is Sauna capital of the world and the region offers it’s visitors more than 50 public Saunas to choose form.

6. Exclusive shows

And last but not least, Sauna Open Air might be your only chance to see some of these bands live in Finland in the near future. Many of the international acts only have two shows this summer in Finland. Of course you could also just travel to Oulu and enjoy a very similar line up at Rock in the City, but lets be honest, unless you already living up in the North of Finland, Tampere is just a whole lot easier to reach.

We’re really excited for this Festival and can’t wait to use the summer, in typical Finnish manner, to go to Sauna for a good old sweat.

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