6 REASONS to not miss Turku Saatanalle 2023

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In a couple of weeks, the annual black metal and underground festival Turku Saatanalle will take place again in Turku, Finland. The event has had some amazing line-ups in the past and has grown to be a much beloved mainstay in the scene. If this somehow totally has gone past you, and you need some convincing or simply an update, here are a handful of reasons why you should still dig up that bank info and spend some of your well-earned money on some tickets and go:

1. Celebrate the 10th anniversary

This is the 10th edition of Turku Saatanalle! Be part of the celebrations by attending the 2023 edition of the event. Something that started off as a small 1 day event with a handful of bands in a club in Turku and has grown into a 2-day event with 3 times as many bands ranging from Finnish legends to some really solid acts from other countries. It’s the biggest annual event of local booking and event organization Metallihelvetti and from what we’ve heard, it’s really one of the nicest underground events around. If that on its own is not enough for you to make the trip to the Utopia venue in Turku, let’s keep it going and talk for a moment about the line-up of this edition…

2. Satanic Warmaster

Satanic Warmaster is quite the legendary black metal band of the Finnish scene and brings a large and very passionate crowd to every stage they take over. So it’s pretty interesting how they are scheduled to be the openings band for the first day of the event on Friday, March 3. And contrary to how things usually go where the openings band gets maybe half an hour set, Satanic Warmaster is going to play a full set. What a way to kick off the anniversary weekend!

They actually advise people to get there early and get your tickets exchanged for bracelets on beforehand at Whisky Bar to avoid queues.

A unique spot for a major band of the Finnish black metal scene, which more than likely result in a unique show that you won’t want to miss out on. We bet that people will be showing up for the opening band this time…

3. The Finnish underground

The Finnish metal scene has an incredible underground scene and it’s well represented at Turku Saatanalle 2023 with on Friday, March 3 the rather legendary industrial black miscreants of Trollheims Grott, the death/black maelstrom that is Blood Chalice and black metal outfit Aesthus, that released their new album ‘Hänen temppelinsä varjoissa‘ last year.

While on Saturday, March 4 the day is lead by one of war metal’s pioneers Archgoat, and the thrashing black metallers Flame and death metallers Malicious, who both delivered a crushing set at last year’s SteelChaos (check out the report here and gallery here)!

4. Ævangelist

Renown underground musician and artist Matron Thorn is making a return to the stage for the first time in quite a while. With his longstanding black/death metal outfit Ævangelist the Turku Saatanalle crowd will get to witness a true live experience that reflects the album recordings but at the same time is something completely independent and unique. Or as they say themselves:we will return to administering abject terror in the purest form possible.

It will also be the first time as a complete 6-piece band with the official live debut of vocalist Stephane who has been with this iteration of Ævangelist for almost half a decade. A worldwide exclusive show of which we’re not sure when we’ll get the opportunity again to get this experience…

5. Top level bands from abroad

Besides the rather exclusive and exciting appearance of Ævangelist, there is a very fine selection of bands of the international underground scene like on Friday, March 3 the Polish black metal outfit Medico Peste and the legendary Swedish black metal band Mörk Gryning who is showing that they still got it after 3 decades and released a massive come-back album in 2020 with ‘Hinsides vrede‘!

On Saturday, March 4 you can expect the Swedish black metallers of AVSLUT and a blackened psychobilly/rock ‘n’ roll party through the Dutch misfits of Heretic! You won’t want to miss out on this!

6. Turku

Going to Turku Saatanalle, means you’ll be in the center of Turku, also known as the “Paris of Finland”. It’s a great city to hang around in with a great history, architecture, food culture and sights (including some cool bars). So while you’re there, you’ll be able to get a taste of one of Finland’s greatest cities! What’s not to like about this?

Hope to see you there to celebrate 2 nights of some of the best the underground has to offer!

Find the FB event here.

And get your tickets here.

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