Lokerse Feesten releases first names for Metalday

Lokerse Feesten announced the first three headlines for their Metalday: after last year’s success with the shock and horror rock of Rob Zombie, they booked fellow shock rocker Marilyn Manson and his inspirational dad Alice Cooper and on top of that one of the Big Four of thrash metal bands: Megadeth! They will be playing on the 8th edition of the Metalday on Sunday 6th of August.

Pixies (04/08), Anouk (05/08) en Doe Maar (05/08) are announced as well for other days. More names will be announced soon, and we’ll keep you up to date.

New this year is the camping location. Last year you could camp at the Provinciaal Domein Puyenbroeck. This year, there will be a new camping in Lokeren within walking distance from the Grote Kaai.

You can get your presale tickets here.

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