New single and video from Belgian progressive/avant-garde metal band Fabulae Dramatis, called “Lead Astray •|• Indigo”

After two full length albums and one single in 2020, Fabulae Dramatis brought us a new release: Lead Astray •|• Indigo which is the follow up of ‘The City (Translucent)” and second single of their upcoming record.

Fabulae Dramatis is a Metal act of heavy world music that takes the audience on a journey with different passages full of heaviness, intensity, and dramatism. The band has a sound that is both vast and intimate, one that transcends the traditional boundaries of the genre. Award winner for Best Costume at the Rome Music Video Awards 2021, for Best Sound & Music Wild Sound Film Festival Canada/USA 2020; and places as finalist and other official nominations from other film festivals in England, Germany, Ireland, France and Italy (2020- 2021). Two full length “Om” (2012) & “Solar Time’s Fables” (2017). The third album is currently in the making with two singles out, “The City (Translucent)” and Lead Astray – Indigo. Their music was described by Classic Rock Society magazine as having “deep thought and insular attention” paid to it with “the spirits of Zappa and Beefheart”.

Director’s statement:

“This is my final work for the fifth year of the film school at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts! The fifth studio videoclip that I proudly share with my classmates of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, the filmcrew, my bandmates Fabulae Dramatis,  the Fabulae Dramatis ‘ production team, friends and the artists involved. I invite you sincerely and warmly to enjoy this short film.

The song talks about emotions! Something we don’t actually share that much nowadays or talk too much about it.” Isabel.

The single can be found on Spotify here:


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