Oceanhoarse covers Iron Maiden’s “Only The Good Die Young”


The mighty Iron Maiden is playing in Helsinki tonight and tomorrow night, and Oceanhoarse, a new Finnish heavy metal band consisting of past members of Amoral, MyGrain and For The Imperium, decided to celebrate the event by recording a cover of their favorite Maiden track.

Guitarist Ben Varon:

“There are some big Maiden fans in Oceanhoarse, and we’ve been looking forward to this show for a good while now! ‘Only the Good Die Young’ is one of our favorite Iron Maiden songs, but for some reason it has never been played live. Well, we’ve played it at our last few shows, and thought it’d be fun to record our version and share it with everybody.”

Check out Oceanhoarse‘s version of “Only The Good Die Young” – recorded live at the band’s rehearsal room:

Check out Oceanhoarse´s three previously released singles (The Oceanhoarse, Fading Neons and Waves) now in Spotify!

Photo: Sari Katainen