Old Kerry McKee signs with Icons Creating Evil Art, releases a new music video called ‘Go East and West’


Old Kerry Mckee is a one-man-band based in rural Sweden, in the outskirts of the village Larv. He started out as a death-metal musician but eventually replaced band members with acoustic guitar, home-built drums and an old record player.

OKM blends the contemporary with the past into his own peculiar compound that transpires genres such as country, metal, folk, and punk. His music has been described as melancholic and with nasal howlings and dark lyrics he battles subjects like poverty, humanism & psychedelia.

About the new music video “Go East and West”:

” ‘Go east and west’ is based on a poem written by the Swedish author Dan Andersson (1888-1920) and excerpt from the short novel called Chi-mo-ka-ma (White man). Making the video was fun because it gave me the opportunity to work with my dear friends Simon and Daniel Blomberg once again.”

After releasing a few records and EPs on smaller labels and touring as a one-man-band for years OKM took a bit of a break before returning with the news that he’d just signed with new booking agent Out On The Rise a few weeks back. Now we can break the news that he’s also joined the ICEA roster of artists and will go into the studio to record a new full length album next year.

The introduction between the record company and Old Kerry McKee happened via the booking agent Daniel Josefsson, who runs Out On The Rise (also work with fellow ICEA artist Louise Lemón). He describes and summarizes the magic behind OKM very well when he writes;

“I saw Old Kerry McKee for the first time in a country festival at ‘Truckstop Alaska’ in Gothenburg, it’s 9 years ago I believe. Wasn’t really prepared for it, but he took me by storm. A unique musician radiating equal parts of 16 Horsepower / Woven Hand, old rusty delta blues in the style of Robert Johnson, obscure Scandinavian black / death metal and contemporary country music. Many musicians would like to claim that they are unique. Ironically, Old Kerry McKee is far too humble to claim such a thing, but his authenticity and uniqueness are completely impossible to resist. There is simply no one else who does what he does… “

OKM commenting on the new label deal:

“I may prefer to be on my own as a musician, but I’m fortunate to have found such a passionate collaborator as Carl Marcus (ICEA). A label with such a wide spectrum suits me both personally and musically. After my break from the music the future now looks brighter than ever before. Time will tell what is to come and I am excited”

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5gKy1DxzKdprVU50okymMf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oldkerrymckee
Official webpage: http://www.oldkerrymckee.com

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