Omega Infinity stream ‘Solar Specter’ in full ahead of release


Omega Infinity, the new atmospheric black metal project of Xenoyr (Ne Obliviscaris) and Tentakel P. (Todtgelichter), are now streaming their entire new opus ‘Solar Spectre‘, one day ahead of its official release. Talk about having a good time despite the quarantine. Stream the full record below.

Omega Infinity comment:

Disciples of The Void – finally we are able to present you the full opus. Enter the cosmic darkness and listen to ‘Solar Spectre’ in its entirety. Should you make it back – your task is to find more disciples and convert them so we can grow and become the eternal blackness!

The band’s debut album ‘Solar Spectre‘ will be released tomorrow, March 27 via Season of Mist, and can be ordered here.

Track List:
1. Uranus
2. Mars
3. Venus
4. Jupiter
5. Sol
6. Neptune
7. Saturn
8. Terra
9. Mercury
10. Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell (KILLING JOKE cover)

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