Pre-sale Black-Out Bash has started

The Belgian festival Black-Out Bash started with its pre-sales today. Black-Out Bash is a Belgian festival in the Belgian city Geraardsbergen. The festival takes place the 4th of November in youth centre De Spiraal. There will be a a mix of big and local bands.

“Each year we bring 6 bands to the stage, consisting of some big and famous international bands, as well as some local talent. As of 2016 we also organize the Black-Out JAM, in which 5 bands compete to win the first spot on the upcoming edition of Black-Out Bash,” chairman Frederik Vermeiren told Grimm Gent during an interview a while back.

The headliner of the festival is Grave Digger.  The rest of the line-up consists of Dyscordia (Progressive Metal), Angelus Apatrida (Thrash Metal), No Return (Death/Thrash Metal), Carrion (Death Metal) and Cathubodua (Epic Symphonic Metal).

You can find tickets here. Tickets are €15 during presale untill the 3th of November.