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Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2017 takes place on the 15 and 16th of December in the Effenaar, Eindhoven.

In Eindhoven, a city that’s already known for its metal festivals, Eindhoven Metal Meeting will be celebrated for the 9th time. For the people who don’t like the warmth of summer festivals, this makes for an excellent opportunity, because Eindhoven Metal Meeting takes place in the dark winter period. When other people are looking forward to Christmas in this period of time, metalheads can rely on a portion of hard and extreme metal in this Dutch metal city.  The Effenaar is situated next to the train station of Eindhoven, resulting in a very easy way to get there by train and/or bus.

The festival has been a great success for a few years now and has been sold out several times. The audience consists of a wide variety of nationalities, so it can come in handy to speak English when you want to socialize. It can be very crowded, but there is a very friendly and cosy atmosphere. Sometimes it can be hard to walk around when you change between the stages though. There are lots of stairs to get to the other stage, merch stands, toilets or food stalls. EMM is known for a great organisation and sound. Every year we get an awesome diversity of bands situated in the heavier sub genres of metal. There are bigger bands, but smaller bands also get a chance to share the stage with the big guys. At the entrance you will get a time schedule. There are some bands that play at the same time, which is a bummer, but when you don’t want to see every show in its totality, it’s possible to see every band.

In the venue itself you can buy pizzas, hamburgers and other festival food. For something different you can exit the Effenaar at night, to get something to eat in Eindhoven. In the street of the Effenaar there are lots of bars, fastfood bars and restaurants, so it’s not hard to find something you like.

On Thursday December 14th, there is already a warm-up party going at the Effenaar which costs you 18€ for a regular ticket or 12€ if you have an EMM ticket. Which is not too bad of a price if you know that you’ll get a “Special Grim Old School Set” of the Finnish black metal legends Baptism, supported by the death metal outfits like the French Necrowretch and our very own Belgian Bark (read our review of their latest release here) and black metal bands The Stone and IXXI!

Dynamo (a five minute walk from Effenaar) will be hosting this year’s official after-party again, which will kick off directly after the first festival day on Friday night. Belgian death metal band Carnation and Gorefunest, a tribute legendary Dutch death metal band Gorefest, will play there. This “Death Metal After Party” is completely free of charge to join, so nothing is holding you back!






There are two stages: the Mainstage on the second floor and the District-19 stage on the ground floor. In the Effenaar there are a lot of small spaces and hallways, which results in several queues, but it’s cosy at the same time.

  • At the ground floor there is the entrance, a hallway with merch stands and lockers and the “Heavy Vethal”, where you can find food like pizza’s and hamburgers. Furthermore there’s the District-19 Stage, a bar and toilets.
  • On the first floor you can find a cloakroom, a smoking area and toilets.
  • On the second floor there is the mainstage, two big bars and a small bar. You can buy water, beer, coke and energy drink at the small bar. The big bar at the right side of the mainstage has a bigger offer, with some strong drinks.


Dommelstraat 2
5611 CK Eindhoven
The Netherlands

The Effenaar is situated in the city center of Eindhoven, a few minutes walk from the central train station. There are several parkings in the neighborhood. The safest one is an underground parking garage:

Heuvel Galerie
Ten Haagestraat 6a
5611 EG Eindhoven
Open: 24/7

There is no camp site, but there are lots of hotels or AirBnB-options in the neighborhood.


2-Day Combi (15 & 16 December): 90 euros (+service costs) in presale

1-Day ticket Friday 15 December: 50 euros (+ service costs) in presale

1-Day ticket Saturday 16 December: 55 euros (+ service costs) in presale

Ticket Warm-Up Party Thursday 14 December 2017: €18 (+ service costs), EMM Day and Combi ticket-holders get a €6 discount at the box office

You can buy your tickets here and here.


Music by Destruction – Thrash ‘Till Death. All rights belong to the band & their label Nuclear Blast Records.
Video by ‘Ik Wil Ook Een Videoclip‘.

For more information check out the website and facebookpagina of Eindhoven Metal Meeting.
And RSVP at the facebookevent.