Simple Plan brings us punk rock @ the Vooruit!

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I’m on the rooftop, listening to punk rock! With Simple Plan @ Vooruit Ghent, 08/05/2016!

As a welcome answer to the sold out Trix-showDemocrazy gets us an extra Simple Plan-gig. And this time it takes place at our own Vooruit in Ghent. Check out the Facebook event, and get your tickets here since the presale already started!

The specific genre of Simple Plan is often described as pop punk, since it’s a combination of pop and punk rock. But when we were stubborn little teenagers, it was punk rock all the way! The French-Canadian band (still with all original members) has released five studio albums since they sprang to life in 1999. We must admit we didn’t really follow up on Simple Plan and their last albums, since we started to listen to something heavier (as you all will understand). But, in our hearts, we still hear those teenagers screaming along with the lyrics to Perfect, Welcome To My Life, Untitled and Shut Up! So yeah, we’re really going to enjoy this. And we hope some other nostalgic bastards will join us on a quest to our old punk rocking days.

You’ll never stop me —
Nothing you say today is gonna bring me down!

And if that’s not enough, €1 of each ticket goes to the Simple Plan Foundation:

“The foundation’s aim is to help young people in need, by easing their difficult passage to adulthood and by supporting the victims of life threatening illnesses. The foundation also believes that the practice of music can be a privileged tool to help them find a passion in life, keeping them away from street gangs and criminality, and preventing school dropping.”

          – Simple Plan Foundation Website : About

 So you’ll even support a good cause by rocking out at this concert!

We are preparing for an evening of old-school punk rock with a lot of flashbacks to our teenage years. Welcome to my life! Who’s with us?

Place: Concertzaal Vooruit
Doors: 08/05/2016 at 19u30
Price: €20 in presale (€22 incl. reservation cost) / €23 at the door
€1 of each ticket goes to the Simple Plan Foundation
Students get €3 back in cash, when they show their student-cards at the door.
More info about student-discounts and Uitpas
More Info & tickets

Stay tuned for the review!