Slay Squad drop new single and video ‘Beam’

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SLAY SQUAD, one of the most exciting and unique forces currently making waves in the world of heavy music, have dropped brand new track “BEAM” today, accompanied by an official music video which can be watched here or by clicking the image below. Find “BEAM” on your streaming platform of choice here.

Speaking on their latest track, Slay Squad vocalists Keilo and Brahim share the following

For me BEAM speaks on the never-ending sacrifice of living in this world and the willingness to face that suffering for the betterment of yourself and the ones you love. It also speaks to those who try to avoid the suffering, reinforcing the separation between them and the ones who embrace it. ” – Keilo 

“BEAM was personal for me. I don’t usually get that personal in everyday conversation, especially when it comes to sharing how I feel about problems or tragedy I’ve been through. I haven’t spoken a lot about what happened to my dad and how it effected me. So being able to express how I felt days after I got news he was gunned down, was a big step in artistically sharing my story.” – Brahim 

“BEAM” follows Slay Squad‘s former single “Seishin” which was released in October of 2021 and was met with much critical acclaim with No Jumper stating “Their sound is a one-of-a-kind combination of the savage beatdowns and guttural screams of metal, deathcore, and skate punk – mixed with elements of trap and hip hop to put a new face on what metal bands can look like in 2021.” and saying “Slay Squad personifies the progression of aggressive art in a way that builds, blends, and diversifies rather than panders”.

Brahim Gousse – Vocals
Keilo Kei – Vocals
Gordo – Guitar
Stick – Bass
Tim Ryan – Drums
Cheeze – DJ

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