ten56. dropped brand-new single & video “Yenta”!

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ten56. once again delivers a new level of uncomfortably heavy after their recently released EP “downer part.1” where the nu-deathcore band unleashed their gut-wrenching sound in six tracks that left listeners shocked and wanting more. Before people have had the chance to understand exactly what just happened on their debut EP, the band follows up with their brand-new single & music video “Yenta” released yesterday!

Vocalist Aaron Matts comments about the new single:

“Yenta isn’t a person or a particular situation, nor is it “gender-specific”; yenta to me is more of an emotion, something that I’ve felt before and couldn’t describe with one word. ‘Yenta’ really jumped out at me because of the way it reads, I find the word fascinating, and I’m sure that everyone has felt this level of hate at one point in their lives, or is it just me? *laughs*”

“Yenta” is definitely meant to be a pissed-off song, and the music video was actually entirely filmed in the same location as the previous videos for both “Kimo” and “Sick Dog”. 

“If it’s not in a freezing cold hangar at 2 am, is it even a video shoot? haha”, Aaron laughs. 

Stream, get it here: http://ten56.lnk.to/Yenta

Aaron commented earlier about the already released debut EP of the band:

“It was definitely a conscious decision to unravel and release all the singles in this order, just to show people that we’re not a one-trick pony. It’s honestly been the most enjoyable time I’ve personally had when writing and recording music. ‘Downer Part.1’ is a six-track, and it’s supposed to sound bloody horrible!”

The EP “downer part.1” is surely enough to offer a little bit of insight into what’s to follow from ten56. and proves that producing a steady flow of tracks represents the band at that moment than sitting on a twelve-track for a couple of years, plus “I have absolutely no patience generally speaking.” You can get the current ten56.’s EP “downer part.1” here https://www.outofline.de/ten56 

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