Swedish Helga releases a captivating video for an intense “Battle Song”

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“This is super intense, heavy and utterly, utterly wonderful.”
// Soundsphere magazine

“A song moving in the same musical landscape as Emma Ruth Rundle and Chelsea Wolfe’s calmer moments…
It’s dark and desolate but utterly beautiful ”  

Drawing upon a wide range of influences from post-rock and metal to folk & classical, Helga propagates a unique sense of melancholy. On ‘Battle Song’, pounding tribal drums are juxtaposed with mournful vocals and washes of guitar noise – with its roots as much in black metal as modern pop music. While intense and unrelenting, the track remains accessible with melodic hooks that will stay with you long after listening to it.

This music video was a result of a teamwork between photographer Olof Grind and artist Linus Hasselberg, co-directing it together, and the stunningly dark forest shots fits perfectly with Helga and her music. Helga‘s own words on the video;

“I enjoyed the making of this music video. I don’t often get the chance to express myself through dance. Dancing makes me feel free. I’m normally a calm person, but I love being wild and energetic on stage like a bird finally uncaged. This time, my stage was the forest. It’s a special one because I hang out there a lot. Suddenly I’m making my first music video there, it feels weird and special. The smoke grenades created a magical atmosphere. I felt like a fictional character with superpowers! And together we use magic to fight the battle! I love this feeling. I am thankful that a former classmate wanted to do this with me and brought more dancers to join the musical ride. I’m glad we did this together.”

Hailing from the forests of Dalarna, Sweden, Helga writes music from the confines of her cabin. Living in the wilderness with just her guitar for company has given her songwriting a unique sense of introspection. She tells us

“Nature for me is something magical and spiritual. It gives me a stronger sense of self and a feeling of unity and calm. I try my best to express these experiences and emotions through my music. I have a hard time writing songs about people and end up writing about nature, introspection and ethereal stuff instead. It feels easier and more natural to me. I gather a lot of inspiration from nature, internal experiences my wild imagination, books and dreams.”

In a time when the environment is ever more under threat, it’s only natural that meditation upon the state of the world, while full of beauty, is tinged with darkness and melancholy.

Battle Song‘ is the first single from the upcoming debut EP ‘Nebulous’ released later this winter on the Stockholm based label Icons Creating Evil Art.

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