News Posts

Dutch/Belgian blackened doom outfit Stuporous set release date on January 25th, 2024 for their striking debut album ‘Asylum’s Lament’, to be released via Void Wanderer Productions, in conspiracy with War Productions!

The Italian doomsters of Shores Of Null released an epic video to go along with their latest release that is one long track!

Check out the details of the upcoming debut of Praise The Plague here right now!

Album Reviews

Darkthrone on its 20th album tackles the old era of traditional metal in a very conventional method. Although some of the tracks may lack the raw organic sound, nevertheless “Astral Fortress” is an epic blackened and doom-laden heavy metal record that is gritty and bold to its core! Out via Peaceville Records.

The Ruins of Beverast unfolds an overwhelming journey to the realms of the unknown. In its time length of sixty-nine minutes, Meilenwald brings a unique and sophisticated experience.