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Brazilian death/thrash supergroup The Troops Of Doom is back with a 2nd full-length album ‘A Mass To The Grotesque’, set for release in May via Alma Mater Records!

Brazilian death metal supergroup The Troops of Doom signed with Alma Mater Records for the release of their upcoming debut album “Antichrist Reborn”!

Brazilian death metal unit The Troops Of Doom announce their upcoming new EP ‘The Absence Of Light’ to be released in September!

Brazilian metalcore outfit April 21st released a new song and video for ‘Healing My Wounds’, from their upcoming EP ‘Courage Is Born from Fear’!

Brazilian metal outfit Eminence share the title track from their upcoming album ‘Dark Echoes’, featuring Bjorn Strid!

Legendary Brazilian metal band Sepultura shows they’re ready to defend the Amazon forest with the music video for “Guardians of Earth”!

Sepultura announced an interesting concept album to be released early next year!

Brazilian Mystifier is about to set Europe shores ablaze with their traditional black metal!

Something interesting is brewing in Brazil…. check out the first brutal track by Inraza!


A video interview with Prika from Nervosa about touring, inspirational guitarists, some of her favorite metal bands and playing at Rock In Rio.

Gig Reports

Nervosa came back to Finland and kicked absolute ass at a show that felt as if we were at one of those legendary underground shows people still talk about decades after!