News Posts

Jinjer is going to take over the world and bring their amazing music to every corner of it!

Deathwhite has entered the studio to record some melancholic dark metal for you!

Alcest joins the Nuclear Blast family to release their next album!

More new death metal coming your way! Gatecreeper is going to the studio to record new material!

Swedish hard rockers of Monolord are gearing up to start recording their next album!

Sacred Reich welcomes back their long lost son back behind the drums!

Malta’s biggest metal export product Beheaded is going back to the studio at the end of this year!

Liv Sin has entered the studio again for the recording of their sophomore album!

Finnish black metal worshipers Urn are back in full force and adds their evil to the roster of Season of Mist!

Lemori re-news their contract with Wormholedeath for their upcoming album and are gearing up to records new material!