News Posts

After the positive reactions to ‘For the Love of Metal’, Dee Snider is releasing a live version of the album including a DVD and tons of extras!

Dee Snider unleashes a tidbit of his upcoming release dedicated to the love for metal!

The heavy metal legend vocalist joined forces with Napalm Records to release his upcoming new album!

Hellfest announces new names for their 2016 edition!

Album Reviews

Compared to his previous solo albums, ‘For the Love of Metal’ has a better sound quality, has songs that get your body moving and this one definitely makes a statement. It’s one hell of a hard rock album, full of powerful songs to rock out to. 


A talk with guitarist Andreas about Grande Royale’s new album, inspirations and roadtrip habits.

Festival Reports

Once again a great party with all our fellow inmates at Alcatraz Festival 2016!


Coverage of 11th edition of this great festival in hell!


Preview GMM 2016, here it goes.