The Defaced released new video/single ‘Bleeding Ore’!

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Swedish metal veterans, The Defaced are releasing a new video and single for “Bleeding Ore”. The song is taken from the bands upcoming album “Charlatans” that will be released om March 4 via Vicisolum Productions!

The band about the song:

“The lyrics of Bleeding Ore are about the utter frustration one can feel in a world that seems to look more into a narrower and more egocentric periscope. We tend to miss the holistic side of life and nature in a highly effective- and measurable world. When writing the lyrics, I felt a profound sadness that sometimes can flow over us, but at the same time I felt the need not to linger too long in these thought patterns.

The video is a representation of how individuals can feel about personal trauma, but the video still has a more humoristic side with the unicorn that we used in the promo picture. My daughter’s unicorn was in my car, and we started using it in the pictures, then we integrated it into the video to take the edge of all seriousness. The video and the lyrics were getting too dark. Hey, it’s just music after all.”

The Defaced was formed in 1999 in Helsingborg, Sweden, when members from Darkane, Soilwork and local acts joined forces. Writing, rehearsing, demoing and gigging eventually led up to landing a record deal.

The debut album “Domination Commence” was released in 2001 through Scarlet Records and Nuclear Blast America. The album rounded up feedback putting the band on the map. In 2003 “Karma in Black” was released. The album meant a clear progression to a more mature sound which was recognized in the stellar reception of the album. A video was shot for the track “Once in Between” which gained air-time on various TV channels. Gigs and festival slots followed the album release.

2006 meant line-up changes prior to the release of the band’s third album, “Anomaly”. The album treaded new ground incorporating vibes from alternative genres into the band’s sound. More gigs followed the release of the album. Then silence…

Awoken from hibernation in 2018. The fire was back, songs fell into place and off it went. The evolution of the band is clear. The heritage from early days blends in with the ever so prominent vein on exploring progressive territories.

Charlatans took its beginning back in 2019 when Mattias Svensson gave Jens Broman a call. Jens Broman hadn’t been working with music to any major extent since 2010 when he left Darkane. Since the release of the album, Anomaly, back in 2006, The Defaced had slowly started to dissolve during 2007-2008 and was finally set on pause indefinitely in late 2008. Mattias explained on the phone that he had written a bunch of songs that he wanted Jens to listen to. The intention was to start up The Defaced again. Jens loved the songs immediately and slowly during 2019 Mattias and Jens started to set up a work process for continuing working on the songs. – It all came very naturally, just like in the old days, says Jens. Klas Ideberg shared the same thoughts and ambitions and after recruiting new drummer Bob Ruben a new start of the band was on the table.

All instruments were recorded in Helsingborg at the Mansarda studios, produced by Klas and Mattias.Vocals were recorded and produced by Jens and Björn Strid at Studio Björngrottan, in Tyreså Autumn 2020. Mixing and mastering by Lawrence Mackory, At Obey Mastering, in Uppsala. December 2020.

As with so many artists much of the inspiration for this record, lyrically came from a large extent from the pandemic. Not as such but its creativity came as an involuntary pause from the wound-up stressed world. The songs cover themes such as struggles with relationships, self-doubt and eager frustration and a feeling that everything is already too late to change. Charlatans is an album that encompasses the sound of the earlier albums but given the addition of a more prominent progressive touch. The songs aim to give the listener an even greater sonic adventure than the previous records. Still, most of the heritage from old metal giants is ever so present, blended together with classic songwriting with a twist towards progressive soundscapes.

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