Tomb Of Finland release video and single ‘Wretched Bliss’

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The solemn opening riff knocking on your soul’s door welcomes the new TOMB OF FINLAND song, the first to be known from the Finnish five-piece third studio album, to be released this year. A solemn riff that put the band, right in those first seconds, in league with the Finnish doom and melodic death metal top of chain food. A desperate riff that is recurrent throughout the entire “Wretched Bliss” running time, which develops into a multi-rhythm, multi-layered song with emotions aplenty and the good old gloominess that makes Finnish metal so… Finnish.

Check out the “Wretched Bliss” digital single or the official video of the song in UPRISING! Records Youtube page.

Freezing coldness, burial ground and worms swirling in dead things. As the ravens caw in the distance and the steps leads closer to the gallows, Tomb of Finland plays cold and heavy death metal with a twist of melodies that drills into your head like a jackhammer.

Tomb Of Finland began the digging of graves in the fall of 2009 in Finland. With two full-lengths and numerous live funerals, Tomb of Finland signed with UPRISING! Records to condemn the world with third more restless album, to be released in 2022, a year in which the band celebrates 10 years of grave activity!

Olli Suvanto – vocals
Jasse Von Hast – guitars 
Mikko Hannuksela – guitars 
Ville Kangasharju – bass 
Janne Lukki – drums 

Digital single:

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