Unfelled revealed new song 'Veil of Perdition'

Pagan black metal project UNFELLED (ft. members of WOODS OF DESOLATION, DRUDKH, AUSTERE) are now sharing a brand new single ‘Veil of Perdition‘. The track is taken from its debut full-length, ‘Pall of Endless Perdition,’ which will set foot on this earth on March 10, 2023 via Season of Mist Underground Activists

UNFELLED offers no comment on this song, instead allowing the lyrics to speak on their own.

Pre-orders for ‘Pall of Endless Perdition‘ are now available HERE.
Pre-save the album on streaming services HERE.

The artwork for ‘Pall of Endless Perdition‘ was created by Yag Mort and can be viewed below along with the tracklist.

1. An Epoch in Bloodshed (5:50)
2. The Opposer (4:39) [WATCH]
3. Wreathed Wings (4:08)
4. Veil of Perdition (6:13) [LISTEN]
5. Transcendent Legacy (4:33)
6. Evanescent (3:13)
7. A Diadem Embattled (7:31)
Total – (36:07)

Emerging Pagan black metal project Unfelled is rising from the underground to release its debut full-length, ‘Pall of Endless Perdition.‘ Designed by the same mastermind behind Woods of Desolation, the project serves as a vicious and violent counterpart to its elegant and melodic predecessor, showcasing muti-instrumentalist D.‘s impressive musical duality. 

Formed in 2016 as a project of D. (Woods of Desolation, Remete), Unfelled first emerged with the solo demo offering ‘Beneath Distant Skies’ at the end of 2017. Expanding the line-up in 2020, fellow veterans Mitch (Austere, Dearthe) and Vlad (Drudkh, Windswept) were enlisted on vocals and drums respectively, completing the vision for the band.  

Moving forward as a three-piece, the forthcoming full-length sees Unfelled pursuing heavier, more aggressive territory, yet never entirely eschewing the sense of melody and atmosphere established on the debut demo.

“Musically weaving together fury and triumph, aggression and melody, the lyrics predominately center on bloodshed, war & death – the threefold cloak beneath which lies eternal darkness,” says Unfelled about the offering. 

Now, upon joining forces with Season of Mist, Unfelled is ready to unleash ‘Pall of Endless Perdition.’ Without question, this record is certain to leave its black mark upon the masses.

Recording Lineup:
D. – Guitars & Bass 
Mitch – Vocals 
Vlad – Drums 

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