ALKERDEEL announced new album ‘SLONK’

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Consouling Sounds kicked off the new year with a huge announcement: ALKERDEEL‘s fourth full-length album ‘Slonk will be co-released by Consouling Sounds & Babylon Doom Cult Records on the 5th of February!

Pre-orders are available now on CD, vinyl & ltd. colored vinyl, all including a 12 page booklet. First pre-orders receive a free Alkerdeel tote-bag while supply lasts. First come first serve.

A damp and hot variant of the shit pile that sticks to the shoes after three steps in the yard around their rehearsal room: Alkerdeel has spit out a spanking new album of black and doom metal. ‘Slonk’ is the record for those who promptly comprehend, or act as if. A sharp-witted discharge on which the jagged foursome destroys to create space and crafts an imaginary and hollow field where time actually cease to exist. Straight on, but not without detours. More than a contradiction in terms. With counterparts that are more than two simple opponents. It is a tribute to everything that formed the band, literally and figuratively. Poignant when indispensable; autobiographical, only when the aesthetics and content can endure it.

Consouling Sounds online:

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