Beyond The Labyrinth signs to Spinal Records for their newest album Art Of Resilience

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Beyond The Labyrinth have worked together with befriended musicians from all over the world for their Progressive Hard Rock/Symphonic Metal album The Art Of Resilience. The album will be released on the 17th of March 2017.

Thanks to a successful funding campaign, they were able to make their 4th album. Now the band has signed to the Belgian label Spinal Records who will distribute the album to regular CD outlets.

The Art Of Resilience is about picking yourself up, finding a way to get back on your feet and keep moving on. Or, in our case: gathering friends around and asking them to help create and finish the album,” says the official site of Beyond The Labyrinth. The core members Geert Fieuw, Michel Lodder, Sjoerd Bruyneel and Dominic Heyndrickx have worked together for 3 years with musicians worldwide to make this album of 12 songs.

The band has a store where you support them by pre-ordering their CD, buying a signed drum head or their pick collections for example. But they offer more special things as well. What would you think about a private concert at your house, being in the next Beyond The Labyrinth video clip or watching how a behind the scene video clip is made – including your name in the credits of the clip? You can check out their store here.

1. The Set Up (Innocence Presumed)
2. Carry On
3. Someone Watching Over You
4. Prince Of Darkness
5. Liberation Day
6. Shape Shifter
7. Can’t Get Over You
8. If You Believe
9. Salve Mater
10. Fall Of The Raven
11. Waiting For The Dawn
12. Virtual Connection


Picture: Reinhold Podevijn

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