Black metal band Aseroe announces their self-titled album & box set release


Aseroe‘s brand of atmospheric, progressive black metal dissonance is both terrifying and hypnotic. They forcefully drag the listener through the muck and mire of depression and mental instability via their use of tragically beautiful guitar work and strangulated moans.

The vocal performances in particular are quite unlike anything you’re likely to hear in black metal that is this furious and aggressive. Aseroe have a truly unique and one-of-a-kind sound!

Aseroe is a band that transcends the black metal limits, stretching them to laments about the soul’s confinement. Created in 2017, Aseroe features Hungarian and Greek members of other bands such as Slavebreed, ex-Mahakala, Mare Erythraeum and several other acts.

Aseroe will be releasing their self-titled debut EP on CD, cassette and a limited box-set through Grey Matter Productions on August 24th.