Dead is Dead, but Superdeathflame is not dead


Superdeathflame has released a new powerful melodic death metal track. The band has been quiet since their previous release “The Final Truth” (2016). But now breaks the silence with the single “Dead is Dead“.

Tomi Tilli from Superdeathflame comments the new song:

“This is about how one sees the tragedy and pain in the world. And the fact that in pain, at the end, one is all alone (even if someone says that “knows how you feel”).”

Listen to the single:

Song was written by Tomi Tilli (GT) and Marko Tuhkunen (DR) in fall of 2017.
Recording / Mixing was done in June 2018 in Teemu Aalto studios, Kotka Finland
Mastering by Svante Forsbäck / Chartmakers
Superdeathflame thanks Niko Lindman for sturdy bass for the song!