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Ahoy, me mateys! Vane is unleashing a first taste of their pirate-themed melodic death metal from the upcoming album “Black Vengeance”!

Dragony will bring another dose of their epic metal, celebrating the heroes of (pop)culture and beyond!

Superdeathflame is far from dead and buried and they prove it with the new single “Dead is Dead”!

Gyze just released a new EP and are coming to Europe this Summer!

Tasmanian black metal band Atra Vetosus presents us a new song, videoclip and tour dates!

Melodic death metal from the highest quality from Finnish The Hypothesis with a brand new single!

Reject The Sickness brings you a look into the psyche of youngsters with traumas in a melodic death/thrash metal jacket!

The Colombus band treats us with a very melodic song from their upcoming album with a video!

Album Reviews

Melodic Metalcore? The Royal has you covered with their new album, Deathwatch!

The swansong of Alghazanth, a Finnish black metal band that has been around for decades…

Finnish melodic death metal band Mors Subita is back again with their third full length. 11 crushing tracks that fans of the genre will definitely enjoy.

We reviewed North Hammer’s debut ‘Stormcaller’ check it out here!

Belgians progressive metal band 23 Acez is back with their third album. The band changed their sound to become a bit more heavier. The result is a twelve song masterpiece that keeps you focussed untill the end.

Short review of Floridian melodic death metal band Blood of Angels’ Rise of the Fallen Gods!

Melodic death metal from Canada! Review of The Agonist’s latest album ‘Five’!


Now that Finnish Melodic death metal band Mors Subita released their third full lenght. we couldn’t help but to send them some questions regarding the new album as well as some other stuff. check it out.

Short interview with Jukka and Markus from Omnium Gatherum about their music and tour!

I managed to catch up with the guys from Blood of Angels to talk about their EP, their vision and the general direction the band is going in.

Photo Reports

The debut show of Cyhra was quite the event and support bands Eyes Wide Open & Ember Falls made it even more interesting!