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Danzig at Brutal Assault 2018! Sepultura, Goblin, Aura Noir and others on the bill!

Another load of great names and firsts for the Brutal Assault festival in 2018!

Vahrzaw premiere new track ‘King In Yellow’

Vahrzaw released a new song 'King In Yellow', check it out here!

Tuska adds synthwave, black metal and nu-metal to their 2018 line-up!

Another hand full of names for the Tuska 2018 line-up with quite the diversity in music genres!

Papa Roach release music video for ‘None Of The Above

Papa Roach has released a new video for 'None Of The Above', check it out here!

Exclusive premiere of first single “Holly” by synthpunk outfit Hatchling!

The exclusive premiere of the song "Holly" by synthpunk outfit Hatchling right here!

Hacktivist part ways with founding guitarist Timfy James

One of Hacktivist's founding members is leaving the ship...

Devildriver joined by John Carter Cash, Randy Blythe, Hank3 and more on Outlaw Country covers album “Outlaws ‘Til The End”

Find out who is appearing as a guest on Devildriver's upcoming outlaw country cover album!

Convocation streams their complete new album “Scars Across” in premiere right here!

Sit back and take your time for this: death-doomers Convocation stream their upcoming new album right now!

Tsjuder re-release and recreate debut EP ‘Throne of the Goat (1997-2017)’

Tsjuder will re-release and recreate their debut EP 'Throne of the Goat (1997-2017)', check out the details here!

Amon Amarth halfway through writing new album

Amon Amarth are halfway through writing their new album, check it out here!