Damnation Plan Releases "Maze Of Despair" Music Video

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Finnish progressive melodic death metallers Damnation Plan have released their second music video “Maze of Despair” off their latest album “Reality Illusion” (Inverse Records, 2017).

Damnation Plan songwriter, lyricist, drummer, director Jarkko Lunnas comments on the song & video:

“Some of the biggest battles we face happen inside our own minds. It’s a survival story about leaving your past behind, shedding your skin, not letting your past drown you.”

The band’s second full length “Reality Illusion” was released with rave reviews across metal media, including Finland’s biggest metal magazine Inferno stating the release “by far best melodically catchy progressive metal coming from Finland in years!”

The band’s second single, a modern metal version of the late Ronnie James Dio‘s “Don’t Talk To Stranger” was featured on Spotify’s Best New Metal Tracks at its release.