DÉLÉTÈRE are streaming new SEPULCHRAL mini-album right now!


Québecois black metal elite Délétère stream the entirety of their highly anticipated new mini-album, Theovorator : Babelis Testamentum, at heavily trafficked web-portal MetalInjection.net. Set for international release on May 18th via Sepulchral Productions, hear Délétère‘s Theovorator : Babelis Testamentum in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Hot on the heels of their celebrated 2018 opus De Horae LepraeDélétère slithers back from the abyss to unleash its latest blasphemy, a three-song/21-minute mini-album titled Theovorator : Babelis Testamentum: the tale of Babel, survivor of the Great Deluge, who undertakes the construction of Babylon and the Tower of Babel with his minions, to liberate Tervenificus so he can begin the Theovoration – the consummation of God. Once again, Délétère distills its very own essence of powerful, raw, and melodic black metal that has quickly earned it a place among the very best that Québec black metal has to offer.

Hear all of it for yourself exclusively HERE, courtesy of MetalInjection.net. Preorder info can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Délétère‘s Theovorator : Babelis Testamentum
1. Theovoratoris Aduentus
2. Babel Insanifusor
3. Milites Pestilentiae III – Babylonia Magnissima


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