Discover the sensational sludge metal of Sweden’s ORO | Debut album “Djupets Kall” released March 1st on Endless Winter


From the Swedish city of Örebro, surrounded by forests, in the shadows of the Kilsbergen mountains come ORO; armed with a debut album that will sweep you down into the depths of darkness and lay your heart bare to the cold anguish of memory. Constructed from vast riffs and aching intimacy, the songs that make up Djupets Kall offer a staggering listening experience. Nothing can prepare you for the raw, visceral emotion that screams out from these desperate post/sludge metal creations.

Since the four members of ORO were drawn together in 2014, united by a vision of music that would combine crushing heaviness with an unflinching honesty of expression, the band has recorded four demos; each one a stepping stone along the way to the ultimate goal of Djupets Kall. The band decided, right at the start, that they would write always in their native Swedish, allowing them to speak with untarnished integrity and retain the purity of the emotions they wished to express. This choice simply adds to the grim beauty of their agonised outpourings – the terrifying intensity of each song reaching beyond the boundaries of language.

On March 1st label Endless Winter will unleash the magnificence of ORO’s Djupets Kall onto an unsuspecting world and all who hear it will be left stunned by the experience.  Whole worlds of complex emotion lie waiting to be discovered within the cavernous darkness of these frighteningly intense songs. ORO will take you to dark places, unravel your nerves and expose your pain – and nothing could be more life affirming and rewarding.

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