Brutal Assault delivers a deadly Christmas band batch!

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We received a little Christmas present from the Czech Republic with the announcement of a bunch of names for the next edition of Brutal Assault!

There‘s no better way to open this Christmas pack than with the goatfathers of unholy rotten death metal INCANTATIONGORGUTS, long-running Canadian craftsmen of technical death metal and possibly the greatest innovators of the genre will return in 2017! Another band on the bill offers very modern view on metal submerged in dreamy soundscapes, their unmerciful drums barrage and inhuman vocals will convince you, that FALLUJAH belongs to the realm of death after all. Another debut on BA will be performed by a band from the opposite side of the US; Boston’s REVOCATION are drilling the thrash waters in a way so powerful that they transcend again to the realm of death metal here and there. And no band knows more about that than the band that originally crossed the thrash – death bridge, POSSESSED will play BA for the first time!

German PROTECTOR took it the other way around and ended up with Teutonic thrash only after they started with their signature death thrash mixture, even for them this will be their BA debut and the same applies for a band that saw the first rise of thrash.. METAL CHURCH are active since 1980! New York’s LIFE OF AGONY will bring their crossover debut line-up and for the fans of grindcore we can offer both the fun side of the thing by local gore rollers GUTALAX but also the dark nihilistic sludgy side of grind as presented by Holland’s own TEETHGRINDER. Dark sludgy waters are also a home to German MANTAR.

It has been written: ‘The man shall live not by metal alone.‘ That is why French producer Gautier Serre will bring torture by mixing breakcore, death metal and baroque melodies under his pseudonym IGORRR. Also this is the reason for legendary Canadian electro-industrial group FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY to appear at BA 2017! If you would fancy more black metal in the mix, we hope that an eastern orthodox ritual by BATUSHKA will do for you for now but make sure to come back on Thursday, we will have quite an announcement out in this field. Tickets and limited bundle offers are now available in the webshop

Besides those, earlier announced bands are:

Electric Wizard
August Burns Red
Mayhem (De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas)
Morbid Angel
Sacred Reich
Rotting Christ
Deserted Fear
The Amity Affliction
Chelsea Grin
While She Sleeps
Wrekmeister Harmonies

Brutal Assault promises again to be one of the most anticipated Summer metal festivals, keep an eye out on our site for more news whenever we get some…