Dutch black metal entity SUOL shared ‘Over de Geute’ video

Following the recent announcement of the debut album, Dutch black metal entity SUOL released the second single from the record in the shape of “Over de Geute”. The video premiered at No Clean Singing: watch it at THIS LOCATION.

SUOL‘s self-titled debut album is due out October 27th 2023 via Swarte Yssel. The first single from the album, “Slot van Voorst”, was premiered at Black Metal Daily. Stream it HERE.

“Suol” tracklist:

01. Hellevaart
02. Slot van Voorst
03. Over de Geute
04. Vrouwe IJssel
05. Wetterman’s Waanzin
06. Bodemdrift

At once prudently traditional and brazenly unorthodox, SUOL‘s iteration of black metal simmers and shimmers, flooding the senses in a fever dream of passion, violence and ancient folklore.

After releasing the albums for Shagor, Ossaert, Dinbethes and Weerzin, J. and P. decided to put their shared passion for local myths, sagas and historical stories into a new project: SUOL. Local folktales and dramatic events from past history around the Zwolle and the IJssel area make up the thematics on the record.

To strengthen the local character of the record, P. and J. decided to work with musicians from their local region exclusively. Supported on drums by Elshschappij Tovenaere, on vocals by H. and S and on spoken word by D., the self-titled debut of SUOL was born. Let these six songs take you on a path from Zwolle across the IJssel river towards the Zuiderzee, past arsonist robber barons, shore devils, black shadows, devoured villages and strung-up murderers.

As with Shagor, Dinbethes and Weerzin, the collaboration for the artwork was found at Artfromtheunderground. The pencil drawings were supplied by J.B. Both the Digipak release and the digital release will be handled by Swarte Yssel.

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