Eihwar pledge a warrior’s oath to Season of Mist

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Season of Mist is proud to welcome EIHWAR to the roster!

Embarking from the heart of France’s dense and enchanting forests, EIHWAR, a mysterious Viking duo, has found its sanctuary within the esteemed ranks of Season of Mist.

These enigmatic warriors have risen to prominence, sending shock-waves through the digital realm and echoing their powerful presence across the hallowed halls of European venues. Their offering to the musical realm takes the form of an extraordinary concoction they have titled ‘Viking War Trance,’ a fusion that breathes life into pagan war songs, resounding drum beats, and the elegant interplay of woodwinds and strings. This musical alchemy is underpinned by an irresistibly dance-able rhythm that beckons listeners into a trance of their own.

A tantalizing glimpse into their artistry unfolds through the teaser of 10 tracks, each revealing the depths of their Viking spirit. An enigmatic journey that captivates the senses and stirs the warrior spirit within all of us.

As EIHWAR officially joins the Season of Mist tribe, the debut of their sonic saga – all 10 tracks – now reverberate across streaming platforms, as well as digital downloads from the label’s online store. The mystique of their primal ritual is further unveiled in the bewitching ceremony captured in the hit single ‘Berserk,’ an experience not to be missed and to be seen on YouTube:

Download the Ragnarök singles: https://shop.season-of-mist.com/eihwar-ragnarok-digital
Stream: https://eihwar.fanlink.to/Ragnarok

The clan now readies itself for the unveiling of their debut album in 2024. Brace yourselves for forthcoming revelations and announcements surrounding the enigmatic EIHWAR.

In their own words, the clan shares their sentiments about joining the Season of Mist family:

“Brothers and sisters, today we are honored to join the Season of Mist family alongside Heilung, Eivør and many bands for whom we have great respect. To celebrate this event, our first demos are now available on all streaming platforms. We founded the Eihwar clan with old ropes, broken rocks and ashes. It is time to give the true measure of our fury. Our first album will be released before the end of 2024. Expect us.”

Since its appearance on YouTube in February 2023, EIHWAR has shook the Internet and concert venues. Although no promotion has been made and nothing is known about its musicians, most of EIHWAR‘s concerts are sold out and we already know that the band will be scheduled at big European festivals in 2024.

Being part of a new generation of neo-Viking bands, they produce an empowering and brutal dancefloor music, composed of hybrid sounds, trance vocals, shamanic drums, traditional Nordic sounds and powerful machines. EIHWAR is sacrilegious. As the web already says, the duo is a kind of new ‘Viking Carpenter Brut’.

Asrunn (Vocals, Traditional Percussion)
Mark (Vocals, Drum Pads, Samples)

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