Graspop Metal Meeting 2023 – Day 3 (17/06/2023)

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Graspop Metal Meeting, or GMM for short, is the first festival of the summer for many of us. As always, I was looking forward to being back at the holy grounds this year. While I was working at the festival, I checked out as many bands as possible. Let me take you along on GMM 2023!


Damn, lead singer of Halestorm, Lzzy Hale, can sing. All the high notes and powerful words came out so loud and clear. The sound was astounding for their instruments as well. Although I’m not the biggest Halestorm fan, I stuck around for this show because of it’s sound and performance. Well done!


I Miss the Misery
Love Bites (So Do I)
I Get Off
Wicked Ways
Freak Like Me
Familiar Taste of Poison
Takes My Life
Drum solo
Back From the Dead
The Steeple

In Flames

In Flames is always amazing. Wherever or whenever you see them. A small or a large venue. They will always give it their all and create a wall of sound that devours you as well as a show that’s a feast for your eyes. Top that off with some pyro, and you have a great melodic metal core spectacle.


The Great Deceiver
Everything’s Gone
Darker Times
Behind Space
Cloud Connected
Only for the Weak
Foregone Pt.1
State of Slow Decay
The Mirror’s Truth
I Am Above
Take This Life


It was a first for me, seeing Architects live, and I enjoyed every second of it. They brought progressive melodic metal core and put all their energy into it. Everybody was jumping and dancing. Even Parkway Drive’s vocalist Winston McCall decided to join for the song Impermanence. Which was apparently also the first time that that song was played live. This show was one to remember.


Black Lungs
Giving Blood
Tear Gas
Deep Fake
Royal Beggars
Little Wonder
Impermanence (With Winston McCall from Parkway Drive)
A New Moral Low Ground
When We Were Young


A classic that I had never seen before. Rancid brought punk rock music and created such a nice vibe in the crowd. It was peaceful and everybody was having fun in their own way. I remember all the people who crowd surfed to the front and were running, dancing, flying in their own way back into the crowd with a huge smile on their faces. It was amazing to see everybody having such a good time.


Tomorrow Never Comes
Roots Radicals
Maxwell Murder
The 11th Hour
Journey to the End of the East Bay
Black & Blue
East Bay Night
Side Kick
Listed M.I.A.
Ghost of a Chance
I Wanna Riot
Old Friend
Olympia WA.
The Wars End
Something in the World Today
Fall Back Down
Time Bomb
Ruby Soho


I’m not lying if I tell you that Pantera had the loudest bass humankind has ever witnessed. Even while the sound check was happening. I had my paper line up in my hands, and it was literally shaking. The security and medics that were walking even closer to the speakers, were putting their hands around their ears, even while wearing earplugs. Even though I don’t know much of their songs, it was amazing to see this legendary band live. As I heard the crowd screaming on the top of their lungs, it’s safe to say that the fans thought so too.


A New Level
Mouth for War
Strength Beyond Strength
I’m Broken
Suicide Note Pt.2
This Love
5 Minutes Alone
Domination / Hollow
Fucking Hostile
Cowboys From Hell

Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive has a special place in my heart. Their show just can’t be bad, as they put their own heart and soul into it. After the first few songs, lead singer Winston McCall was already out of breath, not believing his eyes with what he saw. The whole holy grounds of Graspop was jumping up and down and screaming. In return, we got fireworks and fire. Standing in the front row, I can tell you that on stage, it must have been incredibly hot. The heat of the flames was incredible. Winston jumped in the crowd and asked everybody to run around him. He created one big circle pit. We jumped and moshed the night away. 


The Void
Soul Bleach
Vice Grip
Idols and Anchors
The Greatest Fear
Shadow Boxing
Darker Still
Bottom Feeder

Crushed Wild Eyes

Today, I saw bands for the first time, saw one of my favorite bands from the front row and rocked out to many great songs. Tired and satisfied, I went to my tent, hearing Slipknot play in the background. I heard the show was a blast as well. I’m looking forward to the next and final day, probably the best day for me music wise. But it is a close call between Saturday and Sunday to say which one is the best. Both have a great line up. One very special thing that will happen tomorrow is Helmut Lotti goes Metal.

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