Finnish artist Jay Ray featured in Ryan Reynolds/Hugh Jackman commercial!

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Last night, we noticed quite the surprising thing. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman unleashed an add for “Laughing Man Coffee”, a brand owned by Jackman, and it’s everything we didn’t know we needed. However, what makes it even better, is that some point during the short clip, Hugh Jackman seems to be listening to metal music during his pre-coffee morning ritual. In that very short snippet you hear some badass riff and a shouted “Now break it down!”, which immediately rang a bell with us… It came from the song ‘137’, a track from the independent Finnish artist/musician Jay Ray, who we’ve supported regularly in the past. A great thing for him that Ryan Reynold’s production team got it licensed to be featured in the video, indirectly giving him a ton more exposure. For the actual ad, have a look here:

Jay Ray about discovering his music was used in the clip:

Yeah this thing came up very suddenly. I was working on my new song and then suddenly received a YouTube comment to the video of my song ”137” saying ”Hugh Jackman brought me here” and I was like yeah, this is some kind of joke again. Then suddenly more and more comments started to bump up and they told me about this commercial video that was just released. Well, I couldn’t work on my song anymore from that moment.. I was kinda shocked (in a positive way) and at the same time very happy about this surprise. I just kept smiling the whole day.

If you want to check out the full song, watch the official music video right here:

‘137’ was part of Jay Ray‘s debut full-length ‘Self-Resonance’, which was released back in 2017. To dig a bit deeper into his work, hit up our album review here or check out the Youtube playlist below:

You can also find Jay Ray‘s music featured in many video games like the popular Wreckfest game (which has a rather impressive soundtrack filled with great Finnish artists, play it on Spotify here). Jay Ray promised us that new music is coming our way soon, so if you want to stay up to date, make sure you subscribe and follow him on any and all platforms you can. And keep an eye on our site as well!

More Jay Ray:

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