Finnish heavy metal newcomer Tyrantti releases music video for second single ”Toteemi”


Dubbed this summer’s sensation in the Finnish heavy metal sceneTyrantti answer the call for more metal in their new music videowhich launches the band into outer space with no coming backToteemi is an aggressive demonstration of NWOFHM flirting with early Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. The music video was directed by Minttu Loimu:

Tyrantti took heavy metal circles by storm with their first single Tulipyörä, which received praise from various online media outlets and earned the band shows at
the legendary Tavastia club as well as supporting hard rock comet Santa Cruz in July. Watch the music video for Tulipyörä here:

You can still catch Tyrantti live this year if you happen to be around in Turku in December where they’ll play a gig with The Hirvi at The Gong on December 14th!