Flaming Wrekage announced new album ‘Terra Inferna’ and released new single ‘Ghost’

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“Ghosts” announces itself immediately with Flaming Wrekage‘s signature groove and pummeling drive. In what is undoubtedly one of the upcoming album’s more innovative tracks, listeners are treated to experimental instrumentation and thought-provoking lyrics throughout its duration. Strap yourself in for “Ghosts” and appreciate the full range of this band’s capabilities. 

“Ghosts’ comes as the second single on the band’s fourth full length “Terra Inferna”. The track gives fans a taste of the range of musicianship and songwriting that is on display throughout the release. From acoustic guitars, slide guitar, percussion and synth tracks, this song shows Flaming Wrekage are not confined to any conventions when it comes to metal. 

The band’s dynamic range is on full display here, with a driving groove giving way to a spacious mid section, percussion and slide guitar play an unexpected role in what is arguably one of the more powerful sections on the entire album. It’s this sort of experimentation that gives Flaming Wrekage its own space within the modern metal lexicon. Gutsy songwriting like this has seen the band appear on Apple Music’s “Breaking Metal” with their most recent single, “Witch Hunt” as well as holding their position firm on Spotifys “Thrashers” editorial for 2 years straight. 

2024 couldn’t have started stronger for Flaming Wrekage. A string of Australian headline shows and a well reviewed single, has given the band the opportunity to share the stage with one of Sweden’s most revered acts, Katatonia. This just shows how diverse the band’s songwriting can be. Being billed with bands outside of the thrash sphere, yet still having the songs to captivate a fan base such as Katatonia‘s is a rarity in modern metal and a challenge that this Aussie quartet are more than ready for. 

Ten years in the game brings with it a sense of maturity. Unbound by any defined genre of metal, Flaming Wrekage is a force stronger than the sum of its parts. Bringing a staggering range of influences to the table, the Sydney quartet create a sound that transcends the typical sub genres of heavy music. With three full length albums in the bag, this is merely the tip of the spear for these Aussie metallers.

Their take-no-prisoners attitude and fierce live show has enthralled audiences throughout Europe, Indonesia and Australia. They’re no strangers to sharing stages with metal royalty, having opened for the likes of Soilwork (SWE), Unearth (US), Power Trip (USA), Omnium Gatherum (Fin), and Psycroptic.

“Terra Inferna”, due out early 2024, showcases the band at its most accomplished, occupying the space between thrash, death and stoner metal with seamless prowess. The release of this album puts their loyal fans at the centre of the action, with more opportunities than ever to get up close and personal with the band themselves. This direct to fan attitude, continues through the live circuit, where the band will undertake their most comprehensive touring schedule yet.

2024 promises to be the biggest year yet for Flaming Wrekage. Armed with “Terra Inferna” they will stop at nothing to deliver the most powerful shows metal fans have ever experienced, cementing their place at the forefront of Australian heavy metal.

Pre-orders: https://www.flamingwrekage.com/s/shop
Album Pre-save: https://bfan.link/terra-inferna

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